Terms & conditions

•   Global Shipping Offer

Bonton Wear is in favor of building long-term relations with its customers. We think that customers always come first. This is why we are offering you free shipping throughout the world. It is not our concern about what things you are ordering, the size or your address. We try our best in order to deliver your ordered item to your door.
• Countries that are not included in our shipping lists We are doing our best in order to make the delivery process smooth, but because of some custom problems, we are unable to deliver and take orders from Israel and Russia.

Payment Methods

In order to create good and long-term relations with our consumers, we are giving you different payment methods. You can pay through Paypal, Discover, Visa, American Express and Mastercard. To make the payment procedure secure and confidential, we are employing SSL technology. During the process of order, you just need to give the card details, and you really don’t need to worry about privacy since the information is in secure hands. Our SSL system keeps sensitive information protected.

Return and Exchange Strategy

Bonton Wear the goal that the information that we are collecting from the customer should be exact and accurate. But, to contain the risks of issues in size, color, design and material, we ask our customers to give us accurate information so that they can get the best experience from us. If you have got your hands on something defective, then you have the right to contact us in order to exchange or return things. But there is one thing that you need to keep in mind if the item is in the exact condition with tags, then you can avail of the facility.

This is to let you know that custom orders are not eligible for the return and exchange policy. The return and exchange policy can be avail within the 24 hours when the parcel is delivered. After 24 hours, this policy is not going to work for you. When you are ordering something custom, keep in mind that the measurement should be exact, and you need to share a clear picture with us since you can’t use the exchange and return policy on the custom orders.

Order Rejection or Acceptance

We have the authority to cancel or proceed with any order under some conditions. But, when you are communicating with us, keep things real and don’t try to place a fake order.